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Bev Hurst

K9101 Dog Agility Training School

Breeder of Australian Shepherds

Since 1974




Using positive training methods.

Member of the Professional Dog Trainers Association of Canada.


Owner operator of training center since 1974 


Worked with a veterinarian for 4 years 

Recommended by Veterinarians as a behavior specialist


Attended Seminars conducted by Top Level Professionals in both Scent-Tracking and Agility

Hosted Tracking Seminars and classes

Obtained over 50 obedience titles.

Certified C.G.C. & CCGN Evaluator 


CARO Rally Obedience Judge


Conducted Rally Obedience Clinics/ Workshops in Canada and Europe


Conducted classes for the Prescott-Russell Board of Education 1984 -1990


Worked for "Centre Canine des Ruisseaux" in Quebec, as head trainer & general manager for 2 years 


Graduated from the Canine School of Science with top honors in canine psychology and structure 


Instructor for the Cornwall District Kennel Club for 4 years 


Active breeder and exhibitor of dogs in obedience, agility, scent detection and conformation 


Owner/trainer of the #1 West Highland White Terrier in Obedience in Canada 1986


Owner/trainer of the #1 Giant Schnauzer in Obedience in Canada 1987-1988 


Owner/trainer of the #4 Kerry Blue Terrier in Obedience in Canada 1997


Owner/trainer First Rally Excellent MCL Dog "Cutter" under CARO rules 2002 First Versatility title 2005




Actively competes in Agility, Disc Dog, Herding, Scent Detection and Obedience


Trainer of  Cutter-Cricket-Arrow -Vegas-Raven - Crump & Rowdy.  who are Agility Trial Champions ATChC




Australian Shepherd Breeder


Founding Member of Hilltop K9 Agility & head trainer


Founding Member of Krazy K 9 Agility

Co -Founder of the Canadian Association of Rally Obedience


Qualified Cutter-Cricket-Arrow, Raven & Crump ---Australian Shepherds for the AAC National Agility Trials 

for several years

Owner -Trainer- breeder of Raven, winner of the AAC 2019 regionals in her division



2005/2006 Agility & Freestyle Disc Demos at the Super Ex, Ottawa


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