IAll dogs with the Prefix LEIN have been bred by Performance Plus Australian Shepherds
Although the dogs listed below are performance dogs, dogs that find their forever families are just as valued by Bev and of fcourse their families.


Thank you to all of the owners/competitors/friends/famlies


Owned  Trained by Bev
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ATCh.Can.Ch.Windmill's Life in the Fast Lane "ROWDY"

Sheep's Kin Magic Dragon At Lein  "DRAKE"

CRMCh.ATCh. Lein's Wontstop Tiligetenuf "RAVEN"
2016 Canadian National Australian Shepherd Agility Award Winner
2016 #2 Ranked CKC Australian Shepherd in Agility
2011 Canadian National Australian Shepherd Agility Award Winner

Lein's Play Fast Forward   "ONYX" 


ATChC. Can. Ch. JFCoventry's XS Attitude "CRICKET"

#3 Australian Shepherd Herding Started 2007

#4 All Breed Herding Started 2007
TOP Dog AAC list for 2009

Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association National Championships

4th Place Most Versatile Australian Shepherd

ATChC.Fairoak's A Cut Above "CUTTER"

Can.Ch. Hisaw's Believe It or Not AtLein "RIPLEY"
#5 Australian Shepherd in Canada 2006


ATCh Lein's XS Ability "CRUMP"

ATChC. CH. Lein's Playing to Win "VEGAS"

AAC Top Dog List 2012


Canadian National Australian Shepherd Association

ATChC. Can.Ch. Lein's Straight Up Design"ARROW"

Owned  Loved Trained by Owners
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Leins Cleared for Take Off "ARCHIE"

Lein's When the Majik Happens"CINDER"

Lein's Sum Kinda Wunderful "GIZMO"

Lein's Warrior At Heart "MURPHY "

Lein's Well Played Wilson "WILSON"

Lein's Ukee to My Heart "UKEE"

ATCh Lein's Cant Stop Me Now"SHAKER"


Lein's Dont Stp The Kisses"ZAZU"

Cnd. Ch. Lein's Nothin Gonna Stopus Now  "STITCH"
Lein's Make Mine To Go "VESPA"
Lein's Cant Stop This "ASTI"

Lein's No Stop Required"PAISLEY"

Lein's Dont Stop Believin ""WILLOW"

Lein's Karma Meant To Be At Lein  "KARMA"

Lein's Solo Plays It To Winit  "SOLO"  


ATCh. Lein's Safe at Home One "SLYDER"


Lein's One Pink Ribbon Winner "PINK" 


ATCh. Lein's One Kiss is Never Enuf "SMUDGE"

Lein's XS Airtime For Styx  "STYX"


ARCH Lein's XS Dancin in Dixieland "DIXIE"


ATCh. Lein's XS Moblity  "KIWI"

Lein's XS Poetry In Motion  "LYRIC"

AKC Lein's XS Speed in the Fast Lane "COPPER"


FCI CH. Lein's Feel The XS Rhythm  "ALY"


ATChC. Lein's Designed to Q  "ROSIE"


Can Ch.Lein's Designated Hero "HERO"

Can. Ch Lein's Out of the Irish Mist "MISTY"

Lein's Irish Dreamcatcher "CATCHER



CH. Lein's Finally Cummin To Fenagh "ALLIE"

Lein's In Like Flynn FLYNN



Lein's Just In Thyme "DYLAN"


Lein's Rainbow Straight Breeze "BREEZE"


CH. Lein's High Hand At Jumperhill CDX "DECKER"


Lein's Point to Sizzle "DIGIT"


 Can CH. Lein"s  Mexi Can Sizzle "MEXI"

Can.CH. Lein's Ewenique Somelikeithot RN  "TAZ"