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CRMCh.ATCh. DDX  Lein's Wontstop Tiligetenuf

December 26 2009 - July 26th 2023


2019  AAC 16" Veteran Regional Champion  528 Pts
2018  AAC National Agility Championships
Placed 8th Overall in her division

2016 Canadian National Australian Shepherd Agility Award Winner
2016 #2 Ranked CKC Australian Shepherd in Agility
2011 Canadian National Australian Shepherd Agility Award Winner

AAC Agility Champion 

Silver Award of Merit
Bronze Award of Merit

Masters Team Relay Dog of Canada

Versatility Bronze Award

Versatility Silver Award
Ex Bronze Snooker-Ex Bronze Jumper-Ex Bronze Gambler
Ex Bronze Standards-Ex Bronze Team Relay

EX Bronze SteepleChase 

EX Silver Standard
EX Silver Jumper
EX Silver Snooker 

EX Silver Gambler
SteepleChase Dog of Canada 
Master Excellent Standards (CKC)
Excellent Jumper (CKC)
Excellent Standard (CKC)
Novice PAD (CKC)
Intermediate PAD (CKC)

Excellent PAD (CKC)
Steeplechase Title (CKC)
Jumps N Tunnels Excellent (CKC)
High Combined Score Excellent 2018

Rally Novice Title (CKC)
CARO Rally O Excellent
CARO Rally O Versatility Excellent

CARO Rally O Bronze
CARO Rally O Silver
CARO Rally O Gold
CARO Rally  Master Champion

Disc Dog Excellent Champion

Furthest Catch Bronze


This is the face that everyone loves and they are drawn to her. Raven is one of those dogs that everyone feels the need to hug and she does not mind that at all. At an agility trial some one asked to see my dogs and this little girl got all the ahhhs ....she is so adorable. She is cuddly, affectionate and just wants to be as close to you as possible.

She is a little bundle of dynamite. She is wonderfully biddable and strives hard to please. She is moving up quickly thru the levels of agility both in CKC and AAC . Her speed is one of her greatest attibutes and with that comes the challenge of control on those jumpers runs. She is a phenomenal Frisbee dog. Another "High Flyer"-"Airs above the ground" disc dog. Her scores always reflect the extra point for "airtime." She is a wonderful addition to our lives.

 Black Female  Born December 26 2009
18.5 inches

CKC Registered WY341917------ ASCA E1657617

Health Clearance 
DNA -VP Dentition: Full---Bite Scissor---- MDRI Mutantl/Normal
Hips:  Elbows- Eyes: CHIC#81207 (re-cerf October 2016)
HSF4: Clear------ PRCD/PRA : Normal Clear---Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)  Normal

Raven oct 2020.jpg
Raven National Placement
CKC Steeplechase Title Sept 2018
Raven_ title.jpg
Raven_Excellent Combined Award 2018.jpg
Raven 3 q's August 2018.JPG
Raven CKC RN title
April 2019
Silver Gambler
December 2017
CARO Master Rally Champion
EX Bronze Team Relay
#1 CKC Agility ...CNASA award
Bronze Award of Merit_Bronze Std_edited.jpg
Raven_Rowdy March 2017.JPG
IMG_9330 (1).jpg
Raven_CKC ribbons 2016.JPG


Agility-Disc Dog-Rally

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