Scent  Detection Classes
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Classes Starting Thursday May 27th 2021
Start Time 6:30

Thursday 4  Week Session
May 27th-June 3-10-17   
Container & Room & Vehicle Search  

St Bernadin, Ontario

COVID Precautions...masks required and hand sanitization






Bev Hurst has given seminars on tracking and did demonstrations of scent work at
Super Ex as well as trained dogs in Utility and air scent work. ALso has titled 2 dogs in SDDA


Intro to Sport Detection

Building drive to search

Intro to odors Wintergreen-Pine-White Thyme.

Motivating your dog, building search drive 

Container searches (Container)

Teaching "indication" and learning to read  your dog's behavior and body language. 

More work on search drive 

Search technique and patterns.

Wintergreen Odor on "Hides"

 Pinpointing the odor source.

Intro to Room searches (Interior)

 More difficulty and different objects and challenges such as distracting odors.

Preparation for the SDDA Started level  and SDDA rules.

Continued work on container and room searches.

Intro to outdoor and vehicle searches (exterior) .

 Searches with multiple finds
Blind searches

Training a formal alert

Preparation for SDDA Sport Detection trials.
Dogs should be comfortable on all 3 odors 
The 3 search components, container, interior (room searches) , exterior (vehicle and ground) will be worked on.
  During the spring/summer/ and fall classes a variety of locations will be introduced.

The following form can be filled out, scanned and emailed to and etransfer can be made to the same address to reserve your spot. 




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