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Can.Ch. Hisaw's Believe It or Not AtLein


#5 Australian Shepherd in Canada 2006 

2005 -2017



Ripley crossed over the bridge in 2017 and is surely missed by his family and a little girl whom he loved unconditionally.
He sired some beautiful puppies who have gone on to earn titles of thier own.
We have his daughter Vegas here with us.

He easily earned his conformation title and went on to become #5 Aussie with very little showing.

Wonderful temperament and beautiful to look at we were very lucky to share our home with him.


GROUP 1st United Kennel Club





2007 Ripley gets 4 Q's in CARO Rally Obedience 190 & 189 &195 & 192 Finishing his RNMCL with no failures. 

October 2007 Ripley earns his HCT (AHBA) and HS (CKC) herding titles as well as obtaining several group placements in 2007




1st weekend: from the 12-18 month class Winners Dog 2 days and Best of Breed for 6 pts. 

2nd weekend: 

1st day WD BOW and BOS and Finished his championship. 

2nd day: BOB First weekend as a "Special" 2 Group 4ths and 1 Group 2nd


Cornwall Kennel CLub Show, 1 Group 2nd, 1 Group 3rd and l Group 4th. Best of Breed at the Canadian National Australian Shepherd Club Booster



United Kennel Club Nov 24th Group 1st Nov 26th Group 3rd. (Nov 25th he was BOS behind Ch.Lein's Straight Up Design aka ARROW)


Ripley will be shown in conformation on a limited basis in Canada in 2007as he will be pursuing herding and tracking and his AKC and ASCA Championships.


2005 First weekend out went RWD, BP from the Jr Puppy Class, second weekend out went BOB 2 days from the Sr. Puppy Class 3 pts

Two Herding Titles HCT and HT

CARO Rally Obedience 

190 & 189 &195 & 192 Finishing his CRNMCL 

Retrieval Proficiency Test.  RPT


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