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ATCh Lein's XS Ability 
Dec 26th 2009- February 4th 2020




Furthest Catch Bronze Disc
Disc Dog Excellent 
Disc Dog Chamion
Disc Dog Advance Champion
CARO Rally O Excellent
CARO RALLY O Exellent Team
CARO Rally O Novice Brace
CARO Rally O Bronze

CKC Titles
Novice Standards
Novice JWW (CKC)
Intermediate JWW (CKC)
Intermediate Standards
Novice PAD
Intermediate  PAD




AHH Crump, he is the softie of the gang. He hates to be wrong and tries his best to please.

He has been a challenge to work with because of this. Time and patience have won the day and he is now having a great time in agility and his true potential is developing rapidly. Boys do take longer to mature. I kept this boy not because I was looking to keep a boy, but because he latched onto me and made it clear that he should stay and be my dog. Ever attentive and affectinate he has a joyous greeting for everyone he sees whether you are gone 5 hours or 10 minutes. He is just so happy to see you. How could you not just adore this boy. He tries really hard to remember not to jump on you so he has developed a greeting where he jumps up and touches your nose with his BUT his feet never touch you. A little daunting if you are not prepared to be face to face with him. You will see from his working page and his titles he is no slough in the performance events. I am so happy that he chose me.

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