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October 16-17th 2008

Canadian National Austrlian Shepherd Association

National Championships

4th Place Most Versatile Australian Shepherd

2nd Place Intermediate Herding

CKC Agility 2 First Place Q's Intermediate Standards 

1 2nd Place Q Novice Jumpers w Weaves



Qualified for the 2006 Agility National Championships.


C.K.C. CONFORMATION : 1st weekend in the conformation ring 5 Points

2nd weekend she went BOS & BW over specials 3 pts

3rd weekend she went BOB over specials to finish her CH


C.K.C. OBEDIENCE: First weekend out 185.5, 195 (2nd Place) 192 (1st Place) 191 (2nd Place) 


2009 Back in the Agility Ring

Cricket makes the TOP Dog AAC list for 2009 with 17 Q's



September 5th 2010


Masters Snookers Dog of Canada MSDC



September 18-19th 2009

Masters Gamblers Title MGDC

July 10th 2009

Masters Jumpers Dog of Canada MCDC 


July 5th 2009

Masters Agility Dog of Canada MADC

May 16th 17th 2009

Advanced Games Dog Title AGDC

May 31st 2009

Qualifies for the AAC National Championships


Novice JWW Title

Novice Standards Title

Advanced Standards Agility Title 


CH JFCoventry's Xs Attitude, CD, HT, AGN,ANJ

#3 Australian Shepherd Herding Started

#4 All Breed Herding Started 2007
Average 86.67

All Of her Babies Earned Titles At their first Herding Competition


HCT and HT 1.5 Years of Age


JHD and HT 2.5 Years of Age


HT 1..5 Years of Age


JHD and HT 2.5 Years of Age



Disc Dog Champion..Loves Air Time

CARO Rally Obedience


Excellent MCL 2012-04-01 Average Score 196


Advanced Team 2011-03-26 Average Score 197


Rally Advanced MCL TITLE 2007-06-16 194

189 & 182 1st and 2nd place finishes & 200 1st Place Average score 194



Excellent MCL 2012-04-01 196

Rally Novice MCL TITLEwith 192 and 195 & 199. 2nd and 3rd & 1st place finishes Average Score 195


March 2011

Rally Novice Team TITLE 190 2nd place -199 1st Place -195 1st Place Average Score 195

Rally Advance Team TITLE 198-1st place 200-1st place 193-1st place 

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